About Westfield Technology Group

Westfield Technology Group consists of Westfield Sportscars Limited, Westfield Autonomous Vehicles, GTM Cars and the National Engineering Academy.


The Group of companies dates back 50 years (founded in 1967) when the first vehicles were made in the garage of the founder’s house. Westfield now operate in the Heart of the UK Automotive Sector some 5 miles from where Westfield started, in a 20,000m² premises with a manufacturing capability of 1000 vehicles per annum and with plenty of expansion room.

Today with over 20,000 vehicles in in operation around the globe, the Group design, manufacture and sell petrol, hybrid and pure electric human driven and fully autonomous vehicles for use on the road, in private places and on the race track. The group has dealers in 24 Countries, all of which have full access to sell the Groups expanding product portfolio. Westfield were the first Company to obtain European Small Series Type Approval in 2007 and manufactured the World’s First One Make Pure Electric Race Car – Technology that is now being used in Formula E Cars.

Westfield is a globally recognised car manufacturer with a clear vision to become the ultimate driving and passenger experience for environmentally friendly vehicles.

The POD started life at Heathrow Airport on the UltraPRT, where the POD has been in commercial service at Terminal 5 since 2011. It is the UKs first fully autonomous vehicle system and has currently completed more miles than the Google Car programme in the USA, having completed over 5 Million Kilometres of commercial service travel and carried over 3.5 Million commercial passengers. Westfield became involved with the POD through Insight project in 2013.

The POD system at Terminal 5 Heathrow, is now operated by Heathrow Enterprises Ltd, however the provision of spares is fulfilled by Westfield. In 2014 Westfield approached Heathrow to look at taking the POD and developing it further for use in pedestrian areas, roads and pathways so that it could be deployed elsewhere using new technology that is now available.

Westfield have now taken the POD to the next stage and have undergone over 18 months of intense development and trialling in the UK, so that it can be deployed in different use case locations around the world.

Westfield are a key part of the UK Autonomous Vehicle OEM delivering more fully Autonomous Vehicles than anyone else in the UK.