The POD - Vehicle Features

The Westfield POD is the new incarnation of the Ultra vehicle currently in operation at Heathrow Terminal 5. Comfortable and robust, the Westfield PODs are well-proven, reliable vehicles that are built from off-the-shelf automotive industry components and use advanced technology to provide a unique transport solution.

They feature an aluminium ladder frame chassis onto which the majority of the vehicle propulsion and guidance equipment is mounted. Sitting on top of the chassis is an aluminium honeycomb floor. Above this the vehicle is constructed of a steel frame and either ABS, GRP or carbon fibre panel body that can be fitted with single- or double-side electric doors. This sits on four wheels with rubber pneumatic tyres, with front-wheel steering and conventional damped-spring suspension.

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The POD Westfield

The POD O2 Arena

The POD Greenwich Gateway Project

Bespoke Builds

The Pods can be adapted both internally and externally to suit a variety applications and environments.

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Vehicle Specifications

The physical specifications for the Ultra pods are given below. The vehicle features a flat floor which aligns accurately with stations to allow safe and easy access for push chairs, wheelchairs, luggage and people and meets the access requirements in both the UK (Disability Discrimination Act, DDA) and the US (Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA).

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