Westfield GTM

The UK’s first Autonomous low Volume M1 Vehicle

Vehicle able to be driven in manual mode or in fully Autonomous Mode.


Westfield GTM - Autonomous Car
Westfield GTM - Autonomous Car
Westfield GTM - Autonomous Car

Westfield GTM - Autonomous Car

Vehicle collisions are not caused by a single factor, but of a combination of factors, such as excessive speed, lack of concentration, insufficient reaction time due to the proximity to other vehicles, weather conditions and fatigue. These collisions range from minor vehicle damage to fatalities. This has a major impact on traffic flow, the emergency services operational costs and costs to insurance companies.
The nature of vehicle to vehicle collisions are in the vast majority of cases caused by human error. This has introduced a requirement for arbitrary electronic control to minimise the risk of vehicle collisions.
To reduce vehicle collisions and increase safety levels, Westfield Technologies in conjunction with a consortium are developing a vehicle that can actively contribute to reducing the possibility of vehicle collisions. This is achieved by utilising on-vehicle sensors and electronic intervention of primary chassis control systems. The vehicle communicates with other vehicles to ascertain its position and monitors for hazard avoidance in a 360 degree area.

  • Virtual concierge system on board
  • Able to platoon with other vehicles at 1m apart – saving up to 90% vehicle energy on a typical journey
  • Able to platoon at speeds of up to 70mph
  • Mobile phone on demand call system
  • Vehicle available in Petrol, Hybrid and Pure Electric versions
  • 100% Designed and Manufactured in the UK – under European Small Series Type Approval (EUSSTA) Processes

  • No predetermined routes – travel anywhere
  • Collision avoidance technology on board
  • Able to run 24hrs a day, come rain or shine
  • Changes can be made to the environment without having to interrupt the vehicle
  • IVA compliant
  • Uses Westfield EUSSTA Parts Bin
  • 300 base vehicles in service around the World