Why Westfield POD

An example of this is at London Heathrow Airport, where the POD has been moving passengers from the carpark to the door of Terminal 5 Departures in 6 minutes since 2011. The same service, if provided by bus, would take 27 mins. The POD is designed to be used for first mile – last mile transportation and once you go on it, you come back to use it every time.

The Greenwich Intercontinental Hotel to Greenwich Peninsular transport hubs is another use case for a first mile – last mile application of the POD. Although an amazing hotel, the management were concerned about the arrival experience of its guests, as it is currently very difficult to travel to the

hotel by taxi due to the locations of some of the transport hubs, as there are no public access roads, therefore a walk with all of your luggage/children is required. The POD however can complete the journey for you and your luggage in under 5 mins.

At University Hospital Birmingham goods and people are currently moved around using porters. These porters are not fully utilised, not being called upon until needed to transport vast amounts of goods and people within the hospital and around the connecting sites. The POD can support this process in a timely and cost-efficient manner, taking heavy loads off the porters at peak times, so they can assist with more urgent matters.

Pod On Demand (POD) is exactly that – limited waiting, on demand, pure electric or hybrid transport system, that will save you time, money and to make your journey safer and more convenient.