Westfield ESki

A fully electric jet ski designed to reduce noise, air and water pollution.



Jet skiing is an increasingly popular water activity on our lakes, rivers, oceans and seas. It may seem like a very exhilarating yet harmless sport, but there are negative impacts, such as collisions with others, noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution and loss of biodiversity. A potential solution is a pure electric drivetrain. Currently there are very few pure electric marine vessels on the market, the majority of these coming from the US.

On this project Westfield and Potenza are working to find a UK manufactured solution to these problems. By utilising two electric drives on a jet ski, we will make it fully electric to reduce noise, air and water pollution. To improve safety, we will apply our technology and learning from our autonomous vehicle programme to control the speed profiles and accurately geofence the locations the jet ski can be used, to improve safety. This project will enable the UK manufacturing of a pure electric jet ski and a platform for other marine applications, such as fully autonomous water taxis.


Key Outputs

We aim to improve hydrodynamic efficiency and provide a vehicle which has enhanced safety, low emissions and decreased noise pollution.
The project aims to eliminate 10 tonnes of carbon each year from a single jet ski, compared to the equivalent internal combustion engine system.


The trials for this project will be at:

  • Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Dudley Canal Trust
  • Fawley Waterside


Westfield Autonomous Vehicles and Potenza Technology are working together on this project.