Vacancies at Westfield Technology Group

Autonomous Vehicle Trial Manager

Manchester Office

Are you passionate about new technologies and energised by collaboration? Then this is the role for you.

Westfield Technology Group are pioneers in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle development, building on a history of high quality British craftsmanship and innovative vehicle engineering. As a globally recognised car manufacturer, Westfield has a clear vision to become the ultimate driving and passenger experience for travellers around the world.

In this exciting role, you will:

  • Devise and implement operational plans for autonomous vehicle trials and demonstrations
  • Manage and develop key partner networks
  • Produce clear and concise reports on trial activities
  • Prepare and maintain risk assessments to insure trials are conducted in a safe manner
  • Work with project partners and collaborators to ensure future trial opportunities are fully exploited


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Software Developer (PHP and JavaScript)

Kingswinford Office

Company Introduction

Westfield Technology Group are at the forefront of Autonomous Vehicles. We are developing the Westfield POD – last mile transportation system, the GTM (First M1 Vehicle to be fully Autonomous running at 70mph), Drones and Marine Vessels. Westfield are developing its software for use in Agri-tech, Marine Autonomy and Aerospace with Autonomous Drone Last 100m delivery Technology.

Job Description

The job at hand has a fantastic chance to work in and around upcoming technology in the automation industry. You will be tasked with joining a current project which deals with managing the automated items. The web application is built in AngularJS with a custom-built backend, made for REST connectivity via Laravel. As seen further below the two primary languages are PHP and JavaScript. Data is stored in MySQL. Whilst the project is currently part way through, we are also looking for fresh ideas.

Currently the project aims to be a fleet management system for a collection of automated pods. These pods are aiming to be the next generation in travelling around busy and vibrant cities. The current development team have made a web application which lets you log in securely, and manage the overall POD data. You can view, add, delete, list fleets of Pods. Further upon this, marquee features such as a map displaying PODS behaviour and PODS showing their statistical data needs to be improved.

A good chunk of the core functionality has already been bundled in. But more staff are required to help elevate and improve the web application and API. We are looking for people who can hit the ground running and help move this project to its final stages. The system that is built has the chance to be redeployed for further business ventures as per an exploitation plan.


  • Continue development on a project which is ongoing
  • Be able to design, develop and maintain reusable code on both the Laravel API and AngularJS WebApp
  • Have good documentation skills, specifically for the Laravel API
  • Be able to communicate with partners of the project
  • Good problem-solving skills


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